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Logistics, Procurement and

Value-added Services

The group's lithium resources are located across the globe working with producers and intermediaries to readily secure supply. Our value-added procurement and logistics solutions reduces supply risks, volatility and lead times, as well as offers downstream products and specialized services.




Readily available supply to just-in-time delivery services are critical to our customers' success and profitability when making purchasing decisions. We have cultivated a diversified and loyal base of customers, many of which are leading companies in their respective industries as they rely on our ability to meet or exceed their strict quality and specification standards, short lead time requirements and technical assistance needs. We collaborate closely with our customers to formulate innovative manufacturing and product solutions as a  competitive advantage over many of our competitors, who do not have the resources or technical expertise to provide such services. Combined with our long-term producer relationships, supply contacts and off-take agreements we are a go-to-source.

Supply chain management and Logistics 


By securing contracts with logistics providers around the world, our logistics group ensures products can be moved to customers in the safest, most efficient and most reliable manner while meeting high Environment, Health & Safety Standards and peace of mind.


Warehousing services


We readily stock material in various locations both here and abroad providing supply chain affiances and “Just in Time” delivery solutions adding further cost savings to our customers. Distribution services allow producers to reduce delivery lead times to customers; often taking advantage of consolidated shipment (FCL, TL, and LTL) cost reduction strategies. 

Value-Added Products and Services


We offer a broad range of value-added services ranging from transloading, repackaging, grinding, to custom manufacturing, blending and formulation assistance as a contract manufacturing service.

Diversified End-Markets, Manufacturing and Customer Base


Our proximity to our customers further increases our integration with their business processes and supply chains as well as economies of scale in our operations and procurement of raw materials helping reduce overall costs to our customers.

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