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Our Advantage

The Lithium Advantage


Our competitive advantage is our partnering with both emerging producers and established suppliers, sourcing global production allocations directly from producers with volume negotiated supply agreements and end-user relationships.


The group’s team is made up of veterans in the lithium business and have worked for some of the largest international producers with expertise in supply channels, technical product development, and primary end-user markets. The company actively secures production of lithium materials and compounds, and works closely with companies pioneering the brine production routes and new resources, as well as access to downstream products and formulated technologies.

  • We have more than half a century of lithium expertise and are leaders in the industry.

  • Known globally for innovation through our research and development of lithium materials.

  • Raw material process know how and manufacturing of lithium chemicals.

  • Access to production of spodumene concentrate to secured allocations of primary salts to the manufacturing of downstream products.  

  • Deep insight and understanding of lithium conversion processes and plants to strategic relationships which provide secure allocations and supply.

  • Offer transloading, processing and packaging solutions with our various terminals and packaging facilities.

  • Great network within the lithium industry both here and abroad.


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