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Our products are key raw materials and ingredients used in the production of polymers, catalysts, admixtures, coatings to name just a few of applications.

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A wide range of special lithium salts, specialty materials and intermediates are available in different qualities and packaging units, meeting the varied requirements of various users in the construction industry, energy, glass, ceramics lubricants, all the way to the pharmaceutical industry and the manufacturing of aluminum. From agrochemicals, air treatment, ceramics and glass, construction, dyes, metallurgy to semiconductors, we’re a trusted partner that helps customers create a diverse range of critical applications made possible with lithium and its many performance benefits.

Lubricating Greases

  • Welding and Brazing

  • Industrial Catalysis

  • Paints and Coatings

  • Glass, Ceramics and Enamel

  • Construction Industry & Cementitious Materials

  • Humidity Control & Air-conditioning

  • Aluminum manufacturing

  • Carbon Dioxide Absorption Rubber Industry and Thermal heat Storage

  • Organic Synthesis

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Energy Storage & Battery Systems

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